Sichuan Xilan Trading company ltd.

Products from China are in great demand almost all over the world. It is supplied to Europe, the USA, Japan, and many other countries, including Russia. Establishing direct contacts with Chinese entrepreneurs allows Russian businessmen to quickly establish trade relations and increase profits.

Looking for goods in the distant Celestial Empire on your own can take up too much time and effort. You will have to study the market, attend international and local exhibitions, repeatedly travel abroad to study offers and goods.

Sichuan Xilan Trading Company offers a more rational solution: we will find the goods you need in China ourselves.

How it is convenient

Our company is located in Chengdu, the capital of the most economically developed province of China. It is the place where most of large plants, factories, companies engaged in production of a variety of goods are concentrated. It is here where all the new representative offices of the world's famous brands are opened every year.

Being in the center of international trade and business, we have the opportunity to study the market from the inside, to gather information about supply and demand. This allows us to offer our clients the most rational and beneficial options for cooperation with Chinese producers, for selecting the goods Russian businessmen need at the lowest prices.

How we work

Search for goods is as follows:

  1. We gather information on the customer's products of interest online and at specialized trade fairs.
  2. Then we analyze the relevant market segment, comparing the quality and price of goods from different manufacturers.
  3. we check each option and recommend only reliable suppliers with good reputations.
  4. We provide the customer with a sample of goods for examination and testing.

The company already has a number of ready-made cases for such types of products as spare parts, tools, equipment, sanitary ware, electronics, household appliances, office equipment, simulators, building materials, clothes, shoes, furniture, stationery, toys, and others.

For each type of goods complete information is provided with specific examples of original products of high quality.

We can provide any assistance in building your own TM, we will select a manufacturer who will organize production of the necessary products, we will help to establish cooperation with a new partner.

Call us or leave a callback request and we will call you back for a consultation or an order.

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